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When you’re in need of addiction recovery treatment, you’re in need of a program that can provide you with the care you need to reach your recovery goals. At our drug rehab center, we are committed to providing as many clients as possible with the addiction recovery care that they need.

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Friendly Staff
When you’re ready to face your addiction head on and begin receiving the care you need, we’re waiting for you at our substance abuse treatment center.
Customized Treatment Plan
Unlike other drug detox clinics, we do not expect every client to flourish with the same substance abuse treatment plan. Instead, we provide our clients with a customized care plan.
Thorough Interview
When you enter our drug rehab clinic, you’ll start by providing us with a number of answers during an in-depth intake interview.
Because the answers you give us during the intake interview will be essential to the formation of your personalized recovery plan, you’ll want to be entirely honest during this interview.

Your wellness is always our
priority number one.

Bear in mind that this doesn’t just mean that you should be honest with the counsellor conducting the interview, although that will be essential as well, since the details gathered will form the foundation of your treatment schedule.
Our Mission
We want every client who comes through our doors to get the treatment they deserve.
Our Values
At Douglas Institute, we’re committed to ensuring that our clients reach their recovery goal.
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